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YBS Workshop

Welcome to YBS Workshop.

In recognition of the meritorious contributions of Professor Yaakov Bar-Shalom, FUSION 2017 will run a special tribute workshop "International Workshop on Fusion, Tracking, and Estimation -- A Tribute to Professor Yaakov Bar-Shalom".

The workshop is free of charge (no need to register). No formal submissions will be accepted. The presentations are by invitation only.

The workshop will be held in the afternoon and evening of July 10. The afternoon session has the following schedule:

Time Session
3:45 - 5:15pm Workshop session
5:15 - 5:30pm Coffee
5:30 - 6:50pm Workshop session

Topics for the afternoon session:.

Speaker Topic
X. Rong Li Welcome remarks
Yaakov Bar-Shalom A Survey of Some Recent Results on the CRLB for Parameter Estimation and its Extension
KC. Chang Investment Strategies and Asset Allocation with Information Fusion
T. Kirubarajan Bias Estimation for Improved Target Tracking
Jean Dezert QADA-PDA Versus JPDA for MTT in Clutter
X. Rong Li Our Research Achievements -- a Tribute to Professor Yaakov Bar-Shalom

The evening program is by invitation only.