Video of Xi'an

Welcome to Fusion 2017!

The 20th International Conference on Information Fusion is held in Xi'an, China (a world famous, ancient capital of China, very affordable, and numerous likely local attendees) during July 10–13, 2017.

Promotional Video of Xi'an

Xi’an has more than 3100 years of history. Xi’an was the Capitol City of Ancient China under 13 dynasties, including several of the most important ones such as Zhou, Qin, Han, Sui, and Tang. It is the oldest of the ancient capitols of China. Xi'an was the root of the storied Silk Road, which connected the East and the West for over a thousand years. It is the home of the world-famous Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China (third century BC). In modern times, Xi'an has re-emerged as the center of the northwest China.