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Special Program on FUSION Conference's 20 years' Anniversary

FUSION 2017 is the 20th International Conference on Information Fusion. FUSION 2017 will have a special program on the 20 years' anniversary.

1.Special Awards

X-Year Active Awards will be presented to people who have been active in X (say, 15) or more years of Fusion Conferences by Fusion 2017. Here, attending the conferences or having papers in the conference proceedings can both be interpreted as being "active." These awards recognize past consistent, active presence at the Fusion Conferences and encourage active participation of future Fusion conferences. Tammy Blair Outstanding Service Awards will be presented to one or two staff members who contributed most significantly to the organization of the past Fusion Conferences. The awards are named after Tammy Blair in memory of her outstanding service to multiple Fusion conferences.

2.20th Anniversary Forum

Fusion 2017 will organize a special forum to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Candidate topics include: the (early) history of the Fusion Conferences and ISIF, significant achievements and major challenges of fusion research, representative successful applications of fusion technologies, future trends and development of fusion research and technologies. A variety of styles for this forum may be considered, including invited talks, papers, posters, and exhibition of fusion products.

3.Special Logo

To memorize this 20th anniversary, a special logo will be designed, and it will appear on the T-shirts and other appropriate items in the packages for Fusion 2017 attendees, and on each award trophy.