Video of Xi'an

Host city

The trip to Xi'an

Around every 40 minutes, there is a flight from Beijing or Shanghai to Xi'an. The flight will take around 2 hours. You can also fly to Xi'an via a flight transfer at HongKong.

Many local attendees

Xi'an has about 70 universities (more than 10 of them have information fusion research programs) and 25 research institutes and more than 80% of them have information fusion related research projects. In general, there are more than 600 people (teachers, graduate students, engineers, etc.) in the institutes and universities in Xi'an who are doing information fusion related research. So, more than 100 local attendees can be expected.

Affordable location

Xi'an is one of the least expensive big cities in China and the world, as reflected in the budget. In summary, Xi'an is a great place for holding FUSION 2017.

Temperature Information

Date Average  Temperature High  Temperature Low  Temperature
Jul.10 29.8°C / 85.6°F 36.1°C/ 97.0°F 24.2°C / 75.6°F
Jul.11 30.6°C / 87.1°F 34.9°C / 94.8°F 24.2 / 75.6°F
Jul.12 30.3°C / 86.5°F 34.9°C / 94.8°F 26.9 / 74.5°F
Jul.13 29.9°C / 85.8°F 34.2°C / 93.6°F 25.9°C / 78.6°F

The humidity is around 50%.