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Conference Attendance

All attendees, who have sent their flight information to us and will arrive on 9 July or 10 July, will be picked up at the XIY airport. Please be mindful of looking for service personnel holding signs with FUSION2017 at the airport concourse.

If you are willing to take taxi to the conference venue, you can also ask for service personnelĄŻs help.

Please click the following link to get a small note with Chinese and English instructions for you to take taxi.

Taxi note : PDF

Chinese visa is a permit issued to a foreigner by the Chinese visa authorities for entry into, exit from or transit through the Chinese territory. The Chinese visa authorities may issue a diplomatic, courtesy, service or ordinary visa to a foreigner according to his identity, purpose of visit to China and passport type.

How to Apply for Chinese Visa

  STEP 1: Select a visa category that best describes your trip to China and prepare your visa application including necessary supporting documents accordingly.

  STEP 2: Submit your application to the Visa Office of Chinese Embassy/ Consulate General based on your State of residence.

  STEP 3: Pay the visa application fee at the Visa Office and pick up your visa. (Click to check fees and payments)

Visa Category

Eligible Applicants


Foreigners who intend to go to China for exchanges, visits, study tours and other non-business activities.


Foreigners who intend to go to China as a tourist.

Other types

More information

To travel to China, you may request a tourist (L) visa by submitting travel reservation information only. [http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/hrsq/#L] The applicant shall provide evidence on his financial capability of covering the traveling expenses in China, and when necessary, provide the air, train or ship tickets to the heading country/ region after leaving China. If applying for a tourist visa, a conference invitation letter will NOT be needed from FUSION 2017.

Foreigners who intend to go to China for non-conmmerical exchanges, study tours, sports, and other non-business activities may apply for F visa. For detailed information please ask embassy/consulate visa offices. Some information is available on line [http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/hrsq/#F].

Attendees from other countries are required to obtain a visa to enter the People's Republic of China. No visa is required for ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei and Japan to visit China for up to 15 days for business, sightseeing, visiting relatives and friends or transit.

Attendees are advised to consult the nearest Chinese diplomatic mission for details. Please visit the Chinese Embassy Official Website: www.visaforchina.org for more detailed information about the Chinese Embassy (Consulate General/Consulate/Office) close to your location. Residents in U.S. please visit: http://www.china-embassy.org/eng/visas/hrsq/.

To request a conference invitation letter, please send an email to zsduan@mail.xjtu.edu.cn with your title, full name, gender, date of birth, affiliation, address of affiliation, arrival date, departure date, paper ID, paper title, and the list of all authors of your paper.

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Attractive city (know more)

The trip to Xi'an

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From airport (XiĄŻan-Xianyang International Airport) to the conference venue (distance approx. 43km):

  • By Shuttle Bus
    Free shuttle bus will be arranged to pickup overseas attendees from the airport to the Conference Venue (Wyndham) on July 9 and July 10. Shuttle time will be decided according to attendeesĄŻ flight details. So, we need your flight booking information to arrange the shuttle bus. Please send your itinerary to yxgao@mail.xjtu.edu.cn or zsduan@mail.xjtu.edu.cn once you book the flight. We will post the Shuttle schedule on FUSION 2017 website after our arrangement is made based on the itinerary information collected (around the beginning of July).
  • By Taxi
    If you use taxi, it will cost around $25 (Ł€160). Journey time approx. 70 minutes.
  • By Airport Bus
    You can use airport bus to XiĄŻan city center (Xi Shao Men) and then take taxi to the conference venue. The airport bus fee is around $3.6 (Ł€25) and the taxi from XiShao Men to the conference venue will cost around $5 (Ł€35).
    Airport Bus Ticket Offices:
    Terminal 2 - Passenger Service Center (next to Exit 2)
    Terminal 3 - Located in the Arrival Hall and in the Ground Transportation Center.


From Highspeed railway station (XiĄŻan North Railway Station) to the conference venue (distance approx. 27km):

  • It will cost around $8 (Ł€56) by taxi. Journey time approx. 50 minutes.

From railway station (XiĄŻan Railway Station) to the conference venue (distance approx. 11km):

  • It will cost around $3.6 (Ł€25) by taxi. Journey time approx. 30 minutes.

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Conference Venue  - Wyndham Grand  

Address: No.208 Ci'en East Road, Qujiang New District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
Tel: 86-29-68219999
Email: reservations@Wyndhamgrandxian.com
Price: around $110 (special rate for FUSION2017)
Booking: The hotel does not provide online booking service itself. Please send an email to reservations@wyndhamgrandxian.com directly about your detailed reservation information, such as, guest name, nationality, room type, check-in date, check-out date and the number of rooms. Please state clearly in your email that the reservation is for attending Ą°the 20th international conference on information fusionĄ±. The hotel will then use a special rate (around $110) for FUSION2017. Note that the hotel rooms are more expensive in tourist season. So, please make sure to mention the booking is for attending the conference.

Suggested Hotels near the Conference Venue

  • Xi'an Qujiang Ginza Bussiness Hotel (2.5km to the Conference Venue)
    Address:  No. 982, South Cuihua Rd, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710049
    Price: around $80
    Booking: The hotel does not provide online booking service itself. Please call 86-29-65697555 directly.
  • Xi'an Tanglong Internation Hotel (1km to the Conference Venue)
    Address:  No. 98, YanNan 4th Rd, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China 710049
    Price: around $80
    Booking: The hotel does not provide online booking service itself. Please call 86-29-85586666 directly.


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The Army of Terracotta Warriors and Horses

Claimed as one of the greatest world wonders, it is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of the first Emperor of China. Soldiers, archers (armed with real weapons) and chariots, each individually made about 2200 years ago, stand in battle formation in underground vaults looking as fierce and war-like as pottery can.

Old City Walls

The fortifications of Xi'an are one of the oldest and best preserved Chinese city walls. Construction of the first city wall of Chang'an began in 194 BC.

Dayan Pagoda

It was built in 652 AD during the Tang Dynasty. One of the pagoda's many functions was to hold sutras and figurines of the Buddha that were brought to China from India by the famous Buddhist translator and traveler Xuanzang. The Dayan Pagoda is also next to a large square with the largest musical fountain in Asia.

Mount Hua

Mount Hua is about 120 kilometers (75 mi) east of Xi'an. It is one of China's best-known Five Great Mountains. It has five main peaks, of which the highest is the South Peak at 2,154.9 meters (7,070 ft).

Nan Wutai

Nan Wutai is a notable peak of the Zhongnan Mountains and is about 30 kilometers from Xi'an. In addition to the beautiful scenes, the Zhongnan mountains have a long history of religious significance. They have been a popular dwelling-place for Daoist hermits for more than 2000 years, and for Buddhist monks for nearly 2000 years. The Complete Perfection Sect, one of the largest branches of Taoism, was founded here almost 1000 years ago.